5 Hidden Gems in Knox County

Here are five hidden gems in Knox County worth taking the time to look for.

5. Apple Hill Orchard

This beautiful orchard features a unique trellis system offering apples, peaches, and nectarines. Watch the orchard staff press fresh apple cider on site. Enjoy their baked goods, including pies, cakes, and cookies. *Orchard tours are available.

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4. Mayall’s Market

This market features garden plants and flowers and locally grown produce including tomatoes, squash, cantaloupes, watermelon, and more!

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3. McKinnley Orchard & Restaurant

Enjoy dinner on Saturday evening with a buffet of delicious home cooking! *Dinner reservations required. The farm stand features fresh peaches, melons straight from the field, ripe sweet corn, tomatoes, and more local produce.

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2. Little Hill Flower Farm

Little Hill Flower Farm is nestled just 7 minutes outside historic Vincennes, Indiana overlooking the Knox County countryside. We invite visitors to experience the joy of picking, arranging, and strolling through rows of gorgeous blooms during our You-Pick Events. Our farm-fresh flowers are long-lasting, unique, and make beautiful arrangements.

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1. Yonder Spirits Distillery

This all-female-owned and operated micro artisan distillery pumps out 100 proof Bo Ray moonshine from a copper gooseneck still. Yonder Spirits—housed in an old family barn—also offers a number of flavored moonshines, all made in small batches with a combination of natural ingredients; usually only fruits, sugar, and spices. What they lack in size and flash, they make up for in taste and attention to detail with each product.

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