Welcome to Indiana’s territorial past,
located in Vincennes and Know County.

Indiana’s first city is the perfect getaway
for history enthusiasts.

Vincennes Visitor Guide Cover

More documents and guides available for download

Rent a Historian rent_a_historian.doc

“Rent a Historian” guided tour.


38.00 KB
City of Vincennes Map 44182-VTB-Padded-Tourist-Maps.pdf

Map of Vincennes including attractions and lodging locations.


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Greater Downtown Vincennes Architecture Tour Brochure greater_downtown_vincennes_architecture_tour_brochure.pdf

Greater Downtown Vincennes Architecture Tour Brochure


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Know County Agritourism Map knox_county_agri-tourism_map.pdf

Guide to Knox County Agri-Tourism Sites (farm markets, winery & yarn shop)


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Motorcycle Route #1 motorcycle_route_1.doc

A scenic motorcycle route through Knox, Gibson, Dubois, Daviess and Sullivan counties


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Motorcycle Route #2 motorcycle_route_2.doc

A scenic trip for motorcyclists through Knox, Daviess, Martin, Orange, Lawrence and Green counties.


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Motorcycle Route #3 motorcycle_route_3.doc

A scenic biker ride through Knox county.


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Group Tour Sample Itineraries Group-Tour-Itinerary.pdf

View sample itineraries for individuals or group tours.


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