President’s Day Trivia

As Indiana’s first city, Vincennes has a long history filled with numerous events. Some of Vincennes’ most notable events though have been when presidents have come to visit. Test your Vincennes and presidential knowledge with the questions below.


  1. Why did Governor Harrison name his mansion Grouseland?
  2. President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Vincennes to do THIS in June 1936.
  3. In June 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson came to Vincennes to sign the bill that dedicated the George Rogers Clark Memorial as one of THESE.
  4. In the 1840s President Abraham Lincoln is said to have stayed in two different places in Vincennes. What were they?
  5. What was the estimated number of people that attended the 1966 dedication of the Memorial?


  1. Harrison named his mansion after the grouse, a game bird he was fond of hunting which was in abundance in the area at that time. 
  2. To dedicate the completed George Rogers Clark Monument as an Indiana State Memorial.
  3. President Lyndon B. Johnson came to Vincennes to sign the bill making the Memorial a National Historical Park.
  4. The first place President Lincoln is said to have stayed was in the Allen Mansion. The president is said to have been a personal friend of the local attorney and mansion owner Cyrus Allen. The second place Lincoln stayed was the Ellis Mansion; home of the then Vincennes Mayor Abner T. Ellis. President Lincoln had been in town campaigning for Henry Clay.
  5. An estimated 50 – 75k people attended the dedication! 

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