Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Goods

We understand that not everyone has time to make the Thanksgiving feasts that you see on TV and in the movies, so we’ve compiled a list of local restaurants and small businesses that are prepared to help make your Thanksgiving feast dreams come true.


Apple Hill Orchard

Nothing says fall like crisp, fresh, tree-ripened apples! Not only do they look incredible, but they also taste amazing. Be sure to pick yours up before Apple Hill Orchard Closes for the season on November 24th.

Pretty Posies

Pretty Posies is offering fresh flower table arrangements starting at $40 with free local delivery. Their fresh arrangements are sure to make your own table look beautiful, or would make a great gift to show others how grateful you are for them during this holiday season.

Fresh flower table arrangements can be ordered online or by calling the store.

Mayall’s Market

Whether you want to make a unique centerpiece or decorate your front porch, Mayall’s Market has plenty of gourds, apples, and tan pie pumpkins available to meet your needs!

Call (812) 249-6354 to get yours today!

Breakfast Items

Apple Hill Orchard

For a sweet way to start your Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to stop by Apple Hill Orchard to pick up a package of fresh, homemade Apple Cider Cake Donuts! They’re sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.


Homemade Cinnamon Rolls are a classic breakfast item that everyone is sure to love! Pea-Fections is selling them by the pan for $7.00 and individually of $2.25; a great deal for this sweet treat!

To order yours, you must call Pea-Fections ahead of time to place an order. Their phone number is (812) 886-5146.

Lunch/Dinner Items

Apple Hill Orchard

Noodles are a notoriously difficult thing to make, but have no fear! Apple Hill Orchard is here! To place an order for this essential thanksgiving dish, call (812) 324-9010.

*Note: An advance order is required to purchase Apple Hill Orchard’s homemade noodles; please call as far in advance as possible to ensure that your order can be made.


Pea-Fections is offering Turkey, smashed potato & green bean meals as well as Meatloaf, mac n’ cheese & glazed carrot meals; both in bulk (4 portions or more) and in individual meals! They are also offering signature chicken salads by the pound, and their classic soups by the quart!

To order yours, call Pea-Fections ahead of time to place an order. Their phone number is (812) 886-5146.

Snacks and Other Spreads

Charlie’s Caramel Corn and Candy Shop

Charlie’s is offering holiday tins and gift boxes full of their famous Caramel Corn this holiday season. To purchase yours, stop in the shop or call them at (812) 882-8008.

Mayall’s Market

Do you need a good addition to a relish tray? What about flavorful butters and preserves? If you answered yes to either of those questions, Mayall’s Market has you covered!

Mayall’s Market not only carries Indiana-made Sechler’s Pickles, they also carry numerous Indiana-made fruit butters, jellies, preserves, and several no-added-sugar fruit spreads. To order yours, call (812) 249-6354.

Pop Around the Clock

With fun fall flavors such as Harvest Corn, Great Pumpkin, and Caramel Apple, popcorn from Pop Around the Clock is sure to be the talk of your Thanksgiving Dinner! Don’t forget about their traditional and more savory flavors, such as White Cheddar, Oh So Cheesy either!

To order yours, stop in their store or call the shop! A 10 days notice is typically required for large orders.


Apple Hill Orchard

Is there anything more festive than apple cider? We certainly don’t think so!

Having won numerous awards for their hand-pressed apple cider, Apple Hill Orchard should be your go-to stop for this delicious fall drink!

Buy yours by the half-gallon or a whole gallon by visiting the Orchard’s store, or call ahead to place an order.


Apple Hill Orchard

Who doesn’t love pie? Lucky for you, Apple Hill Orchard is taking orders for Apple Lattice Top, Apple Crumb Top, Apple Full Top, Cherry, Pumpkin, Pecan, Blackberry & Rhubarb Pies! To order yours, call  (812) 324-9010.

Don’t forget to pick up some of their delicious cookies while you’re there too!

Charlie’s Caramel Corn and Candy Shop

Charlie’s Caramel Corn and Candy Shop are offering gift baskets, boxes, and tins full of their delicious hand-crafted candies!

To order yours you can call ahead, place an order on their website, or visit their store.

The Melon Patch

With numerous flavors available, homemade fudge from the Melon Patch is sure to be a hit at your dessert table this year!

The Melon Patch is also taking orders for gift boxes, Thanksgiving Boxes with snacks, cheeseball and dessert mixes in them, as well as Fudge Boxes. To order, call the Melon Patch or message them on Facebook.


This Vincennes staple restaurant is offering their customers the opportunity to buy their famous deserts by the whole this holiday season! With offerings such as Uncle Roy’s Bread Pudding, Strawberries n’ Cream Torte, Coconut Cream Cheesecake, and Suit & Tie—Pea-Fections is bound to have a dessert to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

To order yours, call Pea-Fections ahead of time to place an order. Their phone number is (812) 886-5146.

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