Interview with a Local – Norbert Brown

Have you ever been on a trip and met someone that made an impact on you? Maybe they were incredibly welcoming or made the new place you were visiting seem less scary. Sometimes a friendly face is all it takes to turn a bad trip into a good one. This is our goal with our Interview With a Local Series; to introduce you to new people—familiar faces—who we hope will not only make your visit to our small towns in Knox County better but also make you want to come back and see more…

Meet Our Team

Our Interview with a Local series has been a big hit thanks to you, our wonderful visitors! We truly hope that this series has allowed you to feel more welcome when visiting Vincennes/ Knox County and helped to make your trip better than you imagined. We realized though that very few of you know who WE are, the people who make the VKCVTB what it is. Today that changes; today all three of us our introducing ourselves to you in hopes that you can get to know us a little bit better, and us you in return.

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