A Walking Classroom through the Woods

If you haven’t participated in the Second Sunday Nature Walks, you are missing some great experiences!  Your next chance is coming up this Sunday, September 13th.  During “Summertime Plants”, the theme of this month’s nature walk, local naturalist Terri King will guide walkers along Lower Trail 7 and help to identify varieties of flowers and other summer plants.  Walkers will also be encouraged to watch for insects and wildlife, and notice fruits or seeds developing.  “There are several different ecosystems that change throughout the seasons and because everyone notices different things, each person enriches everyone else’s experience,” Mrs. King remarked.

Mrs. King saw the need to educate people on the nature around us and has shared her passion for everything in nature by initiating the Second Sunday Nature Walks several years ago. Each month will have a new theme for participants to focus on while still being aware the environment surrounding them.  The walks are free, and people of all ages are invited to take part in the walk held at Ouabache Trails Park each month. The park covers 254 acres with mostly natural area and eight distinctly different trails with several different kinds of ecosystems. By exploring those through the seasons, the possibilities for discovery are endless!

King said, “that there are other good parks to use in our county, but I liked the idea of doing various kinds of explorations in one location, getting to know one place better, as a springboard for people to take that experience to other places.”

Lace up your shoes and join this Sunday!

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