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“A Seedy Summertime”, “Second Sunday Nature Walk” – Ouabache Trails Park

Plants appear to grow in one place, but they have many ways of getting around by producing seeds in many forms. Some seeds are contained in juicy fruits eaten by birds and other animals. Some have devices for floating on the breeze or in water. Some form protein-rich nuts or kernels. Some develop in capsules that explode when ripe, sending seeds flying far from the plant. Some do a great job of sticking to animal hair and our clothing. There are many more ways! During this walk we will explore, finding as many kinds of seeds as we can. collecting some, looking at them closely, and thinking about how they travel. We will also watch for animals, or signs of them, associated with the fruits, nuts, or seeds.

This is a casual walk, being observant of what is around us and how they are all connected to one another. There will be a group activity at the start of the walk, and then an observation activity will take place during the walk, which participants can do by themselves or with another person. Both are simple activities in which children can participate, too. we will also be keeping our eyes out for various kinds of spider webs!

  • All walks occur on the second Sunday of each month, start at 2:00 pm Eastern, usually last 1 – 1.5 hours, and held rain, snow or shine, but not in severe weather! The meeting places change according to what trails will be used that day. The walks are held free of charge, no registration is required, all ages are welcome and families encouraged to participate.
  • This year we will be exploring various ways to be observant with emphasis on exploration and discovery. We will also be exploring ways that different parts of an ecosystem are connected.
  • Please be aware that some walks involve steep slopes or wet places, and dress accordingly. Trails vary from easy to moderate to rugged; the description of each walk includes the conditions.
  • The walks are provided by Independent Naturalist Terri Talarek King. Any questions can be emailed to her at leapingfrog55@yahoo.com , or leave a voice message (no text) at 812-881-8987.
  • Each walk is announced via local media. Also, interested persons are encouraged to join the Facebook page, The Nature of Knox County, Indiana.
  • Note on COVID-19 restrictions: The walk leader takes the Coronavirus very seriously. Until the situation becomes much safer, interpretive methods will be used for facilitating social distancing while exploring and learning. All attendees are strongly advised to wear masks for the protection of themselves and others. Future walks are tentative and will operate on a “wait-and-see” basis, but the walk leader remains optimistic!

September 12, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 5:00 pm

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